Online Conference Tyre Business in Russia 3 September 2020, Moscow, Russia

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In 2020, the tyre market as well as the whole chemical industry in Russia has been hit by the pandemic. Demand for original equipment and aftermarket tyres has dwindled, and tyre and auto makers have had to cut operating rates or close for the quarantine.

Tyre labelling, the tyre market update and outlook are the most relevant topics today. They require special attention, and each market player has to size up the situation, response promptly and adapt to it.

Taking into account the importance of discussing the industry issues, Chem-Courier will hold the Tyre Business in Russia virtual conference this autumn.

Key topics include:

-       Trends and sales structure changes in passenger and truck tyre markets

-       Import of Chinese wheels into Russia

-       Tyre labelling in Russia


The online conference format is designed to closely resemble traditional/ live events!

Together with technical specialists, we will do our best to create the atmosphere and opportunities of an offline conference, at the same time leaving the global and nationwide pandemic-related uncertainty and concerns behind.



-      Conference speeches live
We have selected the top trending topics, which will help you make business decisions and response to the situation promptly.

-      Q&A, comments and discussions with speakers and participants via online chats
Online platform enables all the attendees to take part in discussions, ask questions and comment live

-      Express meetings
Every participant will be able to network with other delegates using text, video or audio chat

-      Scheduled one-to-one talks in a virtual room
You can schedule one-to-one online meetings with all the conference delegates. The schedule of meetings will be confirmed in advance


The event will bring together local and foreign tyre producers, representatives, trading companies, industry associations and other tyre market experts.

We are pleased to invite all the interested companies to take part in the event!